Elon Musk Writes to the Hartford Courant in Final Push as HB 7097 Vote Nears

Elon Musk has written a letter published in the Hartford Courant in an all out direct appeal to the public to push Connecticut Legislators to finally grant Tesla the right to sell automobiles directly to consumers.

This is Tesla’s third attempt at getting the state to allow direct sales of Tesla automobiles. At stake is the very heart and future of the free market economy in Connecticut.

Right now, a company like Apple can sell their products directly to consumers, but Tesla cannot. If an individual invents an amazing robot that gets your mail and mows your lawn, they can sell directly to the public but Tesla cannot. If a school or church decides to have a bake sale/fund raiser and sell their products directly to the public, that’s ok, but Tesla cannot. Every day restaurants, all over the state, sell their products directly to the public but Tesla cannot. This legislative and restricted approach to a free market economy is fractured and is not in the best interest of buyers or sellers.

The state of CT is facing a 2.3 billion dollar budget deficit, it makes ZERO fiscal sense to say to Tesla, “Sorry we don’t want you selling cars here, we would rather just give the jobs and sales tax to New York or Mass, go buy your Tesla there instead.”

This is a no brainer Connecticut, lets get this done. Click here to read  the Elon Musk letter in the Hartford Courant

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Tesla is Working with The Renewable Energy Association of CT

Tesla and the Renewable Energy Association of Connecticut are working together to convince the CT state legislature to allow Tesla to sell cars in our state.

One of the representatives on the Tesla policy team has reached out to the founder of reneact.com to ask if the association would support Tesla in pursuing legislation to address the prohibition of direct sales. Tesla is working on a sign-on letter with many of those active in the progressive community.  The following groups have signed on: CT Fund for the Environment, Sierra Club CT, CT Sustainable Business Council, Acadia Center, ConnPIRG, League of Conservation Voters of CT, Environment CT and International Council of Shopping Centers.

Tesla has asked if they can add the Renewable Energy Association of CT to the sign on letter and the answer was of course, a resounding yes.

Background on Tesla and Direct Sales in CT

Tesla currently sells directly in over 20 states in the U.S. and in Washington, D.C.  Only 4 states currently prohibit Tesla from selling directly to consumers.  With the pending launch of the Model 3, which is Tesla’s middle class priced car, there is a potential for significant growth in consumer adoption of electric vehicles.

Right now in CT, less than 1% of all vehicles registered in the state are EVs (.063%).  Tesla vehicles make up 62% of all EVs in the state.  There is real growth potential for the EV market, but the biggest hurdle – once affordability is addressed – will be whether consumers can actually purchase EVs.

Current law prevents Tesla from direct sales in the state in spite of the fact that each Tesla store will create as many as 25 new jobs and inject $8 to $10 million into the local economy.  Here is a website that provides more background: http://www.teslact.com/fact-vs-fiction/.

If allowed to sell in CT, Tesla stores will be equipped with a growing selection of EVs, as well as home battery storage and solar.  This will allow the consumer to pursue a carbon free home.

The Renewable Energy Association of Connecticut fully supports legislation that allows Tesla to sell cars in our state and appreciates the opportunity to help in this endeavor.

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