A lot has changed since this site was first published, today you have so many more options from hybrid cars, to all electric vehicles. Today almost every auto-maker in the world is pursuing hybrid and or full electric technology and consumers are the winners. Prices are falling while mileage and electric range growing.

Keep reading for the latest news from Tesla, who has just announced they are going to build an all electric car with 200 miles of range for 35k. The Nissan Leaf just got a new battery pack that gives more range and can be replaced at the end of its life for 5k. The next Chevy Volt will be getting more range. On top of that, the new Chevy Spark EV is rumoured to be re-designed with a 200 mile range AND be an affordable alternative to the Tesla!

Now for all you tinkerers out there who want to know about biodiesel or hydrogen systems for cars, let me share some advice from personal experience.  First, biodiesel, or using treated, used veggie oil as fuel in a diesel engine, is a great idea, yet there are some drawbacks. You can refine used vegetable oil and use it as a fuel in diesel engines, BUT getting used vegetable oil from restaurants is not easy any more. It used to be that restaurants just disposed of their used fryer oil. However, these days restaurants are selling it to the biodiesel companies. You can refine it yourself, but, you have to refine it yourself. Buying already made biodiesel is possible, but its not cheap. For more info click this

Now for hydrogen or HHO kits for your car; let me say this, they DO work BUT only under very, very unique circumstances and you need to do a LOT of very advanced customization to your engine, to get any benefit out of these systems. If you buy a kit for your car and install it yourself OR have it installed, you will most likely be disappointed. I have tried all kinds of designs and approaches to these systems and have to say I cannot recommend any of the HHO products currently on the market.

Keep reading, the automotive world is going through a sea change with new and exciting developments every day. is Your One Stop Resource for All Things Related to Renewable Energy and Conservation