A Warning About Vaporware and the Infamous 3 Year Rule

Vaporware is technology that is hyped but never released. This happens in the renewable press much too often. Writers announce a really cool project in the research stage and gush about how much it will change the world.

You can always spot Vaporware using this time honed and simple method; the press crows about a game changing technology that’s going to change the world, the company, University or research institution, says they will have it on the market, in 3 years.  Go to their website and they are looking for investors. Wait 3 years and after not hearing much and not seeing ANY product emerge, check out their website. It will either be gone or they are still looking for investors. Wait a couple more years and still nothing.

Ten years ago the renewable energy press was crowing about an amazing battery technology that could be charged over and over again thousands of times, was touted as incredibly inexpensive and could be recharged in minutes. The company said they were only 3 years away from getting it on the market. After 3 years, silence, 5 years, silence and finally they were gone.

Same thing happened a few years ago with the MIT fiasco. Scientists at MIT released a statement they had figured out how to produce hydrogen from water really cheap. The press was all over it, the greatest breakthrough, going to change the world, cheap energy, AND they would have it on the market in 3 years. Three years later, nothing. I looked into it about a year ago and found out they had realized the technology was not viable for production.

I have been on both sides of the fence.  Was involved with a project that got publicized earlier than we wanted and found out in the middle, it was not ready for mass production. That was a tough lesson.

A few years ago I helped develop a product very quietly. Showed a lot of promise, yet needed more time. It is still, very quietly, in development.

A little hint; if you cannot get your research project out of the lab and into production in a year, DO NOT go to press. You and your project are not ready. The world has seen enough vapor and hazy 3 year empty promises.
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Sofias Plaza goes Solar

Sofias Plaza, located on 122 Prospect Hill Rd. in East Windsor, has gone big with solar. I snapped some photo’s of their mini solar farm and roof panels in the back of the plaza.  I have been in touch with their management to get additional info on their system.

I commend the management of Sofias for their clear commitment to renewable energy and  showing how solar in CT works for business.
Photos of Sofias © Greg Alaimo



What is the Best Renewable Energy System for CT?

It depends on where you are. Some sites get plenty of wind, for example on the shore or in the hills, others get very little. Some houses are out in the open with few trees and can take advantage of solar. Others have lots of trees with very little wind. In the cases where you have very little wind or sun, you will want to look at geothermal which utilizes the consistent temperature of the ground to heat or cool your home. Folks who live on the shore of  a river or a  stream, should take advantage of something called Microhydro, which is basically a scaled down hydro-electric system. >>Click Here for more on Microhydro.

You do not have to depend on one technology either. Plenty of people are taking advantage of solar and augmenting with wind. Others will build a combination of solar electric for power and solar thermal for hot water. Both technologies are efficient enough to be used year round even in the Winter.

Of course you do not have to build a system that runs your entire house. You can build  something that reduces your dependence on the utility or oil co and take advantage of tax breaks to build on a scale that meets your budget. Either way you will be saving green. Many people will build a solar, geothermal or wind system that cuts their utility by a certain percentage, thus locking in a price and or insuring against rate hikes.

Whatever your budget or location may offer, take the first step and do some research on a system that works for you. Check out the For The House section for more info. There is also plenty of info on homepower.com, check out some of the links throughout reneact.com. Image-licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

How Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Others are Ripping Off Their Customers

Exotic Car makers claim to make the world’s most advanced auto mobile’s . They build beautiful cars using the very latest technology and charge an ultra premium for the privilege of owning such an exotic. There is one problem with this; they rely on piston engines that are anything but the very latest and most advanced power plants.

If you are going to spend six figures or more for a car, why would you want a beautiful design with an in efficient piston engine? Why not a turbine that generates electricity for a powerful electric motor? The electric motor would power the wheels, offering the range and flexibility of a hybrid BUT with the smooth reliability and bragging rights of a turbine. Turbines can also run on any fuel.

You could take the turbine/electric design one step further by adding electric motors to each of the four wheels, giving the driver the ultimate balance of power and control, in all weather conditions.

Why not put in a rotary engine? Rotary engines don’t have to change direction thousands of times a minute and can run on any fuel.

Why not offer a pure electric with the very best battery pack, speed, range and safety? If Tesla can offer an electric car that has a 265 mile range for five figures, can you imagine what six figures could buy?

Ferrari, Lamborghini and other exotic manufacturers, are fooling themselves if they continue to put these dated and inefficient piston engines in their cars, while claiming to give their customers the very best money can buy. The very best money can buy, offers technology that is far better.

Fortunately for those of us in the 99%, there are a lot of options to get a great car that is easy on both the environment and the wallet. For more info, check out the Auto section.
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Northeast Utilities Propose Massive Price Hike

CL&P unveiled a plan to increase the flat monthly fee by a whopping sixty percent! The news is not going over well, with protests from both Governor Malloy and Senator Richard Blumenthal, each have urged regulators to reject the proposal.

The 60% increase would harm efforts of CT residents to conserve or install renewable energy, as they would be forced to pay the hiked flat rate, regardless of how much power they actually use.

Such an increase in the flat rate is obviously an outright attempt by CL&P to thwart renewable energy and conservation efforts in CT.

What can you do about this outrageous proposal? Fire CL&P ASAP. Go to the, ” For The House” section and see all the options available to switch to renewable energy.

See for yourself just how easy and beneficial it is to take control of your financial future , exercise your free market power of choice and make your own electricity.