Trump vs the Environment

Many people are discouraged about the election outcome, some are downright scared.  I have watched many of my friends and colleagues agonize and worry about what Trump and a republican majority will do to the renewable energy industry and the environmental protections currently in place.

During this time of uncertainty,  I would encourage everyone to take heart and be encouraged by considering some very positive facts..the renewable energy industry in the US has had 8 years to grow and mature under the Obama administration. Many would argue the result being solar is cheaper than coal. Bringing back coal now, even from a pure free market price perspective would be absurd.

In addition, many of the red states are going green, Texas is installing wind at a record pace, solar is gaining popularity in the heart of coal country and Iowa gets 25% of their power from the wind.

Tesla is maturing as a company and selling record number of cars despite the fact that gas is incredibly cheap. Solar City is launching their solar roof that received broad media acclaim in 2017.

A tipping point has been reached, we are moving forward, the technology and progress will stop for no one and investment in renewable’s and the environment will continue worldwide.