Project Feeds

Project FEEDS is a green, sustainable, renewable energy project developed and financed by Norman Nadeau with co-development, design and technical assistance from Greg Alaimo. Located on Norman’s farm in Willington, Connecticut.

The house utilizes a solar array which generates eight kilowatts (kW) of grid-tied electric power. Hot water is provided by solar-thermal hot water heating. This consists of 30 roof mounted, evacuated tubes, and an 80 gallon stone water storage tank in the basement. This is controlled by a computerized variable speed motor. All run by the sun.

To provide off grid power production, a separate hybrid wind solar system is used. This consists of a wind turbine and solar panels tied to a battery bank for backup power.

In addition, thermal electric generators and syn gas stoves have been developed and tested for emergency survival, camping or remote site utilization.

Norman is so dedicated to showing the world how renewable energy can work, he wrote a book about it titled, “The Green Revolution”. You can find out more by clicking the link below. is Your One Stop Resource for All Things Related to Renewable Energy and Conservation