Reneact.com was founded by Greg Alaimo who is also the principal editor and writer. The main purpose is to educate residents of CT and New England about the many options for powering homes, businesses, and transportation; using clean, cost effective, abundant and safe, renewable energy.

In addition, reneact is dedicated to bringing back and expanding economic development in Connecticut through the building and maintenance of renewable energy projects.

Greg has valuable first hand experience in the renewable energy field, having worked for a local solar company and going on to help a solar start up get off the ground. In addition Greg has decades of experience as an IT professional.

Reneact is a free resource to help consumers who are tired of the rising,unstable and damaging pricing schemes of the major energy suppliers. Consumers have a plethora of alternative, yet viable options for saving green, both ecologically and economically. Reneact is all about saving green. Whether you are a tree hugger or a wallet hugger, this site is dedicated to helping you, find a viable, yet affordable, product that works for your situation, your budget and/or environmental concerns.

With the price of energy going up and the near constant instability of the Middle East, people are researching alternatives. But how do you know what works? How affordable is it? How long until any investment begins to pay off?

The Renewable Energy Association of Connecticut is dedicated to providing people in Connecticut with first hand info from your neighbors, about what works and what doesn’t to finance and power our cars & houses on cheaper, yet reliable alternative energy. Here you can learn from the founder who has valuable experience in everything from solar electric, solar thermal, wind power, renewable finance, thermal electric generators, clean burning wood to natural gas stoves, hybrid solar and wind systems, recharging kits, portable solar, emergency and disaster preparedness, energy forecasting, hydrogen automotive systems and a whole lot more.

The site is regularly updated with content. As folks contribute, we will be adding links to allow you to check out the latest info on how your neighbors are powering their cars and homes on renewable energy and how much money they are saving by doing so.

Every now and then we will be getting together to meet, share ideas, info and learn from a guest speaker who has experience installing, designing and / or funding renewable energy project(s) right here in Connecticut. Meet-Ups will be announced in the Meetup section, check back regularly for time and location.

The site is divided into several basic categories: For The House, Auto, Conservation , Green Financial( future addition), Backup Power/Disaster Preparedness and Project Feeds. For The House is dedicated to stories and info on powering, heating and cooling your home on renewable energy. Auto is for running your car on something other than JUST gasoline. Conservation is dedicated to first hand info on saving and using energy more efficiently. Green Financial will be dedicated to articles on financing and saving money for renewable systems. Local Governments is in the planning stages and will be the place for state and local governments to get the latest ideas on saving tax payer money using renewables.

Projects are all about testing some really cool renewable systems that were seen on the Internet or heard of, but wanted to test for ourselves. The goal is to find out if they really work. A multitude of projects have been designed, built, tested, rebuilt and completed over the years, you can read about and learn from them throughout this site as time allows for writing and publishing. Every thing from biodiesel, to fuel cells, to building a solar heater out of Monster cans, building a hydrogen HHO production cell to power a car (more about that in the Automotive section). The current project is a solar/wind hybrid charging kit, that is almost finished and will be published upon completion.

For those of you who want to get involved and contribute an article, click on contact to let me know.

Reneact.com is Your One Stop Resource for All Things Related to Renewable Energy and Conservation