Reneact is a free resource to help consumers who are tired of the rising,unstable and unsustainable, pricing and practices of the major energy suppliers. Consumers have a plethora of alternative, yet viable options for saving green, both ecologically and economically. Reneact is all about saving green.

Whether you are a tree hugger or a wallet hugger, this site is dedicated to helping you, find a viable, yet affordable, renewable energy product that works for your situation, your budget and/or environmental concerns.

With the price of energy fluctuating with geopolitical conditions, peak oil, rising concerns about global warming,the mounting evidence of multifaceted damages inflicted by fracking, and the near constant instability of the Middle East, people are researching alternatives. But how do you know what works? How affordable is it? How long until any investment begins to pay off?

The Renewable Energy Association of Connecticut is dedicated to providing people in Connecticut with first hand info from your neighbors, about what works and what doesn’t to finance and power our cars & houses using cheaper, yet reliable alternative energy. Here you can learn from the founder who has valuable experience in everything from solar electric, solar thermal, wind power, geothermal,renewable finance, thermal electric generators, clean burning syngas stoves, hybrid solar and wind systems, recharging kits, portable solar, emergency backup power and disaster preparedness, energy forecasting, hydrogen automotive systems and a whole lot more.

This website is powered by renewable energy and will be up 24/7.

A lot of what has and will be written, has been garnered with the help of my friend and fellow renewable energy advocate, Norman Nadeau.

This site is dedicated to the memories of two very important people; John Lorenzen and Dr Martin Fox, without whom, a lot of what you read here would not be possible. You will be reading more about these gifted and truly dedicated human beings throughout reneact.com  Be sure to check back and keep visiting, the more you read the more green you can save!


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