The latest news…The new Echo Village design is complete and will be released right here on The Echo Village was something Norman Nadeau and I had been working on and had began to take shape as something that could be built in a small book village in New York. However, after meeting Dr Fox, an electrical engineering professor at the University of Connecticut and realizing we were both interested in an eco village, we met up at his lab in Storrs to discuss our ideas in greater detail. Inspired by our similar ideas, he and I began collaborating on it together. Over many months and many conversations, we came up with a design that reflects our shared values of affordable, sustainable living.  Unfortunately, Dr Fox died recently of a sudden illness. Dr. Fox or Marty as I called him, was a mentor, friend and fellow project collaborator, he will be dearly missed. The Echo Village is dedicated to his memory.

A new article about Peak Oil, the myths, facts and what to expect is being written. In addition, research is progressing on another article, regarding an energy forecast, including what will likely happen to the price of natural gas over the next few years and what consumers are likely to face for home heating costs this Winter.

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