The Renewable Energy Association of Connecticut Gets a New Focus

To all the readers of reneact; first, your devotion and regular visits to the site are greatly appreciated.

Ten years ago when reneact was just starting, there was a shortage of good information about renewable energy /conservation and Reneact was founded to fill that information gap.  A lot has changed in ten years. The price of wind and solar power has dropped dramatically and is regularly out competing coal, natural gas and nuclear in the power industry. The transportation segment is being rocked by battery electric vehicles or BEV’s. No longer the laughing stock of the industry, BEV’s are gaining momentum to become the dominant technology for both cars and trucks.

Connecticut has always provided the products the nation and the world needed; from the Brass mills in New Milford, to the Cheney Silk Mills in Manchester to Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Engines in East Hartford, the state has grown economically prosperous around manufacturing. It is no coincidence that as manufacturing dwindled throughout the state, so has the economy.

As the renewable energy industry has changed so must we, so reneact has set its sights on a new core mission – Transitioning Connecticut to a sustainable economy that leads the world in renewable energy, manufacturing, installation and sustainable transportation.

In practice what that means is simple; reneact will do everything possible to work with, support and grow the renewable energy business in the state as well as encourage lawmakers to pursue policies that successfully attract manufacturers of solar, wind and electric vehicles as well as EV batteries and components. In addition, reneact will firmly embrace and promote the adoption of sustainable public transportation. Keep reading, more to come.

Image – Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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