How We Can Circumvent the Trump EPA

There are numerous media outlets reporting that the Trump administration has both silenced and taken away the ability of the EPA to perform or function. In essence the new President has simply shut down the agency until he can figure out what to do with it.

This kind of neck wrenching change of direction happens every time there is new leadership in Washington. Fortunately and unfortunately this is how our republic functions, it is the lifeblood that nourishes the very heart of our democracy.  However, there is another power broker that does not change every 2 or 4 years, this power broker is constant, relentless, incredibly powerful and can turn on a dime making or breaking both companies and economies.

This power broker is the free market economy, a bully pulpit that millions of us get to use to powerfully impact almost any area of our world. In the arena of energy, conservation and the environment, we as consumers can bend the will of any corporation and change entire markets despite what any politician may think or legislate.

Over the next four years, we as caretakers of our planet must legislate our own will to overcome any government laggards who would try to harm our cause. We the people have an entire economy to establish in a way that meets not just our needs but the needs of future generations and we must do this NOW.

So how does this work? Millions of us must vote our conscience in every single purchase we make. We must put our money where our hearts are and forge market share for those who treat our world as we would have it treated. just as important, we must set our minds to the task of making sure we stay away from purchasing products from those who do not share our concern for clean, safe renewable energy and products that do not harm our environment.

if millions of us do this, it will change our world so drastically the power of the old EPA will pale in comparison to the power of a new market based EPA in which Every Person is Accountable. A market driven movement so large no CEO or company would dare defy its principles of  environmental stewardship for fear of losing market share and being dumped by wall street.

This is already happening in many areas; the incredible rise of non GMO and organic foods, the amazing growth of solar and wind power, electric car companies like Tesla gaining record sales and market share despite plummeting fuel prices and the superb growth of the divest movement, which has seen large organizations and even entire countries move away from fossil fuel related investments.

We the people of this great nation must move forward and push our market based green agenda despite the negative legislation coming from the White House. We can do this, we must do this, the time is now.