What is the Best Renewable Energy System for CT?

It depends on where you are. Some sites get plenty of wind, for example on the shore or in the hills, others get very little. Some houses are out in the open with few trees and can take advantage of solar. Others have lots of trees with very little wind. In the cases where you have very little wind or sun, you will want to look at geothermal which utilizes the consistent temperature of the ground to heat or cool your home. Folks who live on the shore of  a river or a  stream, should take advantage of something called Microhydro, which is basically a scaled down hydro-electric system. >>Click Here for more on Microhydro.

You do not have to depend on one technology either. Plenty of people are taking advantage of solar and augmenting with wind. Others will build a combination of solar electric for power and solar thermal for hot water. Both technologies are efficient enough to be used year round even in the Winter.

Of course you do not have to build a system that runs your entire house. You can build  something that reduces your dependence on the utility or oil co and take advantage of tax breaks to build on a scale that meets your budget. Either way you will be saving green. Many people will build a solar, geothermal or wind system that cuts their utility by a certain percentage, thus locking in a price and or insuring against rate hikes.

Whatever your budget or location may offer, take the first step and do some research on a system that works for you. Check out the For The House section for more info. There is also plenty of info on homepower.com, check out some of the links throughout reneact.com. Image-licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication