How Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Others are Ripping Off Their Customers

Exotic Car makers claim to make the world’s most advanced auto mobile‚Äôs . They build beautiful cars using the very latest technology and charge an ultra premium for the privilege of owning such an exotic. There is one problem with this; they rely on piston engines that are anything but the very latest and most advanced power plants.

If you are going to spend six figures or more for a car, why would you want a beautiful design with an in efficient piston engine? Why not a turbine that generates electricity for a powerful electric motor? The electric motor would power the wheels, offering the range and flexibility of a hybrid BUT with the smooth reliability and bragging rights of a turbine. Turbines can also run on any fuel.

You could take the turbine/electric design one step further by adding electric motors to each of the four wheels, giving the driver the ultimate balance of power and control, in all weather conditions.

Why not put in a rotary engine? Rotary engines don’t have to change direction thousands of times a minute and can run on any fuel.

Why not offer a pure electric with the very best battery pack, speed, range and safety? If Tesla can offer an electric car that has a 265 mile range for five figures, can you imagine what six figures could buy?

Ferrari, Lamborghini and other exotic manufacturers, are fooling themselves if they continue to put these dated and inefficient piston engines in their cars, while claiming to give their customers the very best money can buy. The very best money can buy, offers technology that is far better.

Fortunately for those of us in the 99%, there are a lot of options to get a great car that is easy on both the environment and the wallet. For more info, check out the Auto section.
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