Northeast Utilities Propose Massive Price Hike

CL&P unveiled a plan to increase the flat monthly fee by a whopping sixty percent! The news is not going over well, with protests from both Governor Malloy and Senator Richard Blumenthal, each have urged regulators to reject the proposal.

The 60% increase would harm efforts of CT residents to conserve or install renewable energy, as they would be forced to pay the hiked flat rate, regardless of how much power they actually use.

Such an increase in the flat rate is obviously an outright attempt by CL&P to thwart renewable energy and conservation efforts in CT.

What can you do about this outrageous proposal? Fire CL&P ASAP. Go to the, ” For The House” section and see all the options available to switch to renewable energy.

See for yourself just how easy and beneficial it is to take control of your financial future , exercise your free market power of choice and make your own electricity.